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(The blog experiment continues: 1 post every weekday in November and I think I only skipped one, but made up for it with a Saturday post)

Node.js is something I want to use, but I do not know what for
For those who don’t know, Node is a “toolkit for writing extremely high performance non-blocking event driven network servers in JavaScript”. In other words, it’s for writing server-side Javascript with an emphasis on providing concurrency. Damn you Tim Bray, I cannot avoid seeing concurrency everywhere since you started your Concur.next series on your blog. It fascinates me, and I don’t even do any kind of work where I need to worry about concurrency. Not yet anyway.

Simon Wilson (someone I follow from the Django community) has a great article explaining why Node.js is genuinely exciting to him, and my old CakePHP landsmann Felix shows how to handling streaming file uploads in node.js. Like so many new technologies, Node.js starts out as a solution looking for a problem but as I become more familiar with concurrency it all becomes a little clearer.

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